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Our foodbank relies on your goodwill and support. Most of the food distributed by Dover Foodbank is donated by the public – that’s why your food donations are absolutely vital to our ability to give everyone referred to us a balanced and nutritious three day supply of food.

Our current list of most-wanted items is shown below.

A really big Thank you to the churches and schools which have been involved in supporting the foodbank through harvest donations, we really appreciate all the amazing donations we have received - stocks are looking so much better as a result but, sadly, we are still supporting 50% more people year on year; "sadly" - because it means there are more local people in need and we so wish that were not the case, so thank you all very much indeed for your help to those in need.

We are more than happy to receive donations of any in-date non-perishable food. As always we are really thankful for the many local people who give so generously week after week so that others in our community don't have to go hungry which they are in difficulties.

As always do please feel free to display / distribute this info as you see fit - your help in this is much appreciated.

Thank you for all that you do

Our shopping list on the right shows the food items that we need right now.

Sometimes we also request donations of personal hygiene items, this is to restore and maintain a client’s dignity.

If you are happy to donate food items which have been purchased in-store, the following supermarkets have collection boxes:

For other local collection points please refer to the table beneath our wanted list.

Local supermarket donation  points     Opening hours Comments
Tesco Extra Dover 0000-2400  front of store near tills
Morrison’s Dover 0700-2100 front of store near tills

We always welcome donations and promise to use them to provide help to people in crisis.

Please contact us if you have any questions about donating food.

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